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Post Festival Detoxification

We celebrate festivals with a lot of fervour and in a country like ours there is no dearth of celebrations throughout the year. Traditional recipes are cooked which are more often than not deep fried and mithais or sweets are exchanged as a gesture of good will.

Over eating during the festive season and eating the wrong food leads to acidity problems, heartburn and indigestion. If you are guilty of having over indulged this festive season, do not fret as festivals are meant to be enjoyed with good food, in the company of people you love. A detox plan post any festival will not only help you be in good health but also set you on a path to recover from acidity problems, indigestion, heartburn and other problems involving the digestive tract, that people experience at times, post a festival.Festive foods by and large are acidic in nature and the consumption of these foods is one of the main causes of acidity and heartburn.



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