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Acidity is more of a lifestyle-borne problem than a disease in itself. High consumption of junk foods, alcohol, smoking, lack of physical activity, stress, disturbed sleep – all this and many other unhealthy lifestyle practices are all triggering factors for acidity and gastric discomfort.

Making minor dietary and lifestyle changes can prevent acidity to a great extent.

  • Eat small and frequent meals rather than eating a huge meal at a time. And avoid keeping long gaps between meals.

  • Drink adequate amount of water.

  • Carefully note the foods that trigger discomfort and the eliminate them from the diet.

  • Limit the intake of junk foods. If you have to eat out make wise choices like grilled or roasted foods rather than their fried counterparts.

  • Restrict the intake of caffeinated and carbonated beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc.

  • Avoid eating just before sleeping time. Try to keep a gap of at least 1.5-2 hrs between meal and sleep.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes around the waist as that can exert a pressure on the stomach.

  • Quit smoking.

  • Restrict alcohol intake to occasional drinking and that too 1-2 drinks per occasion. Drink more water on the days you are consuming alcohol.

  • Passive or sedentary lifestyle contributes to obesity which is one of the leading causes of acidity. One should always aim for an active lifestyle by incorporating some form of physical activity in the daily routine.

  • There are certain yoga asanas that can really provide relief from acidity almost immediately. These include the kapalbhati pranayama, ushtrasana, bhatrika pranayama, pavanmuktasana among others.

  • Try to meditate in order to reduce stress and to have a healthy sleep cycle.



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